Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Dear Janell,

I have had a child in your music program for nineteen years (summer 1993). Every year I have heard you ask the children to thank their parents for the gift of music. I have long concluded that it is us who should be thanking you.

As you probably know, I cannot sing middle c to save my life. I was determined that my children would do better. So at the age of four I enrolled Janet in Sing and Play, basically for ear training. I knew it was working when early into the second year she asked me to stop singing with her because it was messing her up! Yes! As they say the rest is history. (See full letter)

We attribute our 7th grader’s intellectual success to the training she has received from you! She scored a perfect score on Oklahoma Core Curriculum in Math and was honored in the Duke University Talent Identification Program. (parents of 7th grader)
Most parents don’t realize in the beginning how wonderful their children can play in just a few years. (mother of 4: grades 4-9)
I’m so grateful that we discovered you. I believe my son is learning a second, universal language. The progress you make each week continues to amaze me. (Mother of 4th and 7th grader.)

What did you like best about the program?

Good discipline, good program and techniques… we appreciate all you do for our child and others. We know they will be a next generation that will love music. (1st year parent)
I liked the structure and organization of each class. Each lesson seemed well organized. (1st year parent)
…the kids GET IT. The method works and it seems effortless to the kids…”Magic”. (1st year parent)
The more he recognized and could read music, the more fun it was for him. I like the progression of the program. (3rd year parent)
I like how well they understand music and the ease with which they can perform for others. (3rd year parent)

Kyden Creekpaum – Student of 14 years – performs now in Paris

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