Does your Child Love Music?

Experience piano lessons with your 4 or
5 year old in a fun interactive class.

You and your child will enjoy:

  • Making music at an individual keyboard
  • Movement and singing with rhythm instruments
  • Ear training
  • Easy-to-play piano/keyboard songs
  • Personal attention in a small class size of 6 to 8

Sample our Pre-Piano Short Course-
A two-week class offered in June and early July

  • A Proven Curriculum for Tulsa Preschool & Kindergarten Children
    Call today to enroll your preschool or kindergarten aged child.

    Q: What Makes Us Unique?
    We specialize in helping your child fall  in love with music! 

    "Students who start learning to read music by age 4 or 5
    have exponentially higher math and science scores."

    Phone: 9l8-743-4339 or Email: admin@janellwhitby.com

    MTNA National Certification

    “It is such a pleasure to have my daughter excited and ready to learn. She counts the days until next class” Susan Lee

  • MTNA National Certification